WTL Winter Season is LIVE


The Wickwoods Tennis Leagues winter season has begun! Here's what you need to do next...

1. Locate your division(s)

Locate the division(s) you are in by hovering over singles or doubles (in the main navigation, at the top of the page) and selecting a division.

2. Get familiar with your competition

Scope out the other players in your division. Contact details can be found via the players page or by clicking the magnifying glass (🔎) next to an opponents' name in the league table.

3. Challenge an opponent

You can challenge opponents within your division by contacting them via phone, text, email or What's App and arranging a court time that suits both sides. Courts should be booked, as normal, by logging on to the main Wickwoods website or by calling reception.

Tip: Try setting up a WhatsApp group for your division but be aware that not everyone uses WhatsApp.

4. Play, have fun and be friendly

The leagues are not just about competing. It's a place to gain match experience, a place to meet new people and, most importantly, a place to have fun! Be nice with an emphasis on fair play. For a full breakdown of the league rules (which we thoroughly recommend you read) please click here.

ⓘ Important information about tennis balls

It is strongly recommended that all players/teams bring a new tin of balls to each match. The winner of the match should receive the un-opened tin, with the loser taking the opened tin.

We also recommend bringing along some used balls in the instance that your opponents do not comply with this rule. It is a shared responsibility to provide balls!

5. Report your score

Scores can only be reported on the WTL website via the submit result page and should be submitted by the winner of the match.

...and finally

The Winter Season ends at 7pm on Sunday 31st December. Try to complete as many matches as you can before then.


ⓘ Important information about league placements

Every effort has been made to ensure that all players are in a division that provides good and fair competition whilst honouring the promotions (and relegations) of the summer season.

Due to tighter divisions (now 7-8 per division) and an influx of new players (+40% vs summer season), some players may be slightly higher or lower than expected. This has been the result of extensive review by the WTL team and is final.

If you have any questions about your placement this season, please contact us via the website.