The rules concerning tennis balls has been updated.

In short, we understand that it isn't always possible to have a new tin of balls with you for every match. The costs can quickly add up, particularly if you're the one supplying new balls in every match.

Whilst we do recommend bringing both a new tin and some 'still-in-good-shape' used balls with you to each match, we've decided to integrate a new rule around balls for your WTL matches:

IF you do not bring a new tin of balls to your match, you MUST bring £2 to compensate the opposing player(s) for use of their new balls (£1 each if your part of a doubles team).

  • If neither side has new balls then we leave it up to you to decide amicably who donates their used balls for the match (no fee should be taken for used balls).
  • If the used balls are not up to standard then the new tin should be used and £2 should be paid.
  • If both sides bring a new tin then stick to the usual rule: winner takes the un-opened tin, loser takes the opened tin

So, to recap... For every match, please bring:

  1. A tin of new balls or £2
  2. Some used balls that are in decent condition

This covers every eventuality.

For a full run down of the rules, please click here (see point 10 for the rules around balls)


WTL Team.