Important information about the WTL Winter Season


Now that we've had time to reflect on WTL's summer season, and having listened to the feedback you've provided on court, at the bar, over email and/or via the recent survey, we've implemented a couple of changes which, we hope, will ensure an even sleeker operation as we roll in to the winter season...

Smaller divisions

Many people found it difficult scheduling up to 10 matches inside the 3 month time allocation (myself included) and so we have now reduced the number of players per division to 7* (increasing the number of divisions where necessary). This works out at approximately 1 match every 2 weeks in order to complete all matches inside the 3 month window. 

* Edit: this has subsequently increased to 8 in instances where 7 isn't possible (27/09)

Inactive players

Almost every division in the summer season had at least one person that didn't respond to match requests and/or didn't complete any matches. To help alleviate this issue we're introducing a new rule to help keep things moving forward. How it works:

Player A challenges Player B by sending them a direct* text message, WhatsApp message or email with at least two dates/times. Player B has 10 days (inclusive) to confirm or reject the challenge. If Player B rejects the challenge they must provide at least two alternative dates, failure to reply with or without counter dates/times entitles Player A to request a walkover**.

* direct = a message sent only to the player and not to the entire WhatsApp group

** walkovers are awarded at the discretion of the WTL admins and are reviewed on a case by case basis. It is vital that communication is saved and made available to the admins when requested as part of the walkover review.

This rule is being tested during the winter season and could be subject to change depending on how well it helps iron out the problems that some players faced in the summer season.

Injuries sustained mid-season

If a player is forced to retire from their division due to injury, we kindly ask that they report this to an admin as soon as possible so that the necessary steps can be taken to maintain a level playing field for the remaining players.

New balls please

A kind reminder that all players should bring a new tin of tennis balls to each match. Whichever tin is used during the match, the winner should receive the un-opened tin and the loser the used tin. For anyone that found themselves opening a fresh tin every match without reciprocation from their opponent(s), we recommend having some decent used balls to hand as well, so you're not taking the hit every time.

See you on court!