Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions document is a legal agreement between Wickwoods Tennis Leagues, herein known as “WTL” and users of the website, herein known as “the user” for the purposes of tennis league matchplay and associated services, herein known as “the service”. These terms and conditions set forth the provisions under which the user may use the service.

  1. The user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions set fourth by Wickwoods Country Club and acknowledges that a breach of these terms will constitute a break of the WTL terms.

  2. The user agrees to abide by the league rules.

  3. The user acknowledges that, by entering a league, they are committing to a 3 months timeframe in which they must make a concerted effort to play all their matches and be proactive in communicating with the other players in their division.

  4. The user agrees that if they are no longer able to play any matches that they withdraw from the league for the remainder of the season.

  5. The user agrees to keep privileged information held on this website confidential at all times including, but not limited to, player contact information and passwords to locked areas of the website.

  6. The user agrees to play their matches in good spirit and with an emphasis on fair play. If an agreement between the user and his/hers opponent cannot be reached then the point should be replayed.

  7. The user grants WTL permission to send 1st party email correspondence, including those with 3rd party promotions within, to them.

  8. WTL takes privacy very seriously and will not share the user's contact information with anyone.

  9. Payments made to WTL are non refundable, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a member of the WTL staff.

  10. WTL reserves the right to cancel or amend the service at any time without notice.

  11. WTL reserves the right to refuse entry to the service but must provide valid reason and a full refund to the user in such circumstances.

  12. Decisions regarding promotions and relegations are made at WTL's discretion.

  13. The user agrees that all decisions made by WTL are final.