Welcome to the official Wickwoods Tennis League. A fun and competitive series of leagues, for beginner, intermediate and advanced Wickwoods members.

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    About The League

    There are 4 leagues to choose from: Mixed Singles, Ladies Doubles, Men's Doubles & Mixed Doubles.

    2 - Divisions.png
    Each league has multiple divisions. Your entry point is determined by your Wickwoods Tennis Rating and available space.

    3 - Promo Relegate.png
    At the end of a season, top players will be promoted whilst bottom players may face relegation

    4 - Cost.png
    Entry in to a league costs £10 per person per season. You can join multiple leagues but be careful not to over commit.

    5 - Seasons.png
    There are 3 seasons per year: Spring (Feb-Apr), Summer (Jun-Aug) and Winter (Oct-Dec), with a 1 month downtime in between.

    6 - Play.png
    All players should play each other once. Matches must be completed within the 3 month timescale & results are reported here on site.